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10 x BOB puppy
Jugend-champion IKFB
Berlin-jugend sieger 2007
VDH-Europasieger 2007
Rheinland-Pfalz-Sieger 2007
Ijsselshow BOB 2007
Hessen-Siegerin 07
Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Deutsch VDH Champion
Deutsch Club Champion
International Champion

Bullinium´s Fleurie
Bullinium´s Fleurie
Bullinium´s Fleurie

Finally......ought to be Fleuries name.
After waiting for 2 years she was brought into the world.
Fleurie means "flowering", and at the same time it is the name of a fine French red wine.
She has been a dream of mine ever since I saw her sister as a puppy...
I knew I was ready to wait for a new little star...
It is with great pleasure that we now can call her our own...
I look forward to have many wonderful hours with our new "gold nugget".
Thank you very much to Kennel Bullinium's for making the combination once more. Who could ever have known, that this was a real super girl.