In 1985 I had my first encounter with the French Bulldogs…
My heart was sold to these little dogs, but as every other young girl, there was also a great interest for horses. Back then the choice fell on the Arab horse. Since then, I started a stud farm with these wonderful horses. I breed them more than 20 years.

Today I only live with my dogs . And have all the wonderfully years with the horses in my mind.

In 2001 I received my first Bulldog as a birthday present. It was to become a pet for the entire family. But then I quickly realized how much a French Bulldog means to me…gradually this filled out an even greater part of my life.

These wonderful dogs have a special place in my heart.

Shows and breeding have always had my profound interest, and in 2005 I have been registered as breeder with the kennel name: “Kennel Store Linde´s”.

In 2012 I became approved Ring Stewart in DKK - Dansk Kennel Klub - . Ring Stewar

My prospects for the kennel are to breed puppies that are healthy and typical for the breed, and who will do well as family dogs and possibly in shows and breeding. I put quality over quantity at any time. I wish only to have a number of dogs, that allows each of them to be a part of my family.

Anne-Marie shows Arabian Horse

As a breeder I carefully select the parental stock. A top priority for me is a good, healthy anatomy.
Temperament is also of great value. Futhermore I only use breeding dogs with approved colorings acording to FCI standards.
I prefer brindle and pied, but it is my conviction that one cannot avoid fawn in one's breeding whit regards to the brindle coloring of the puppies.

Besides, as an old saying goes: A good dog has no color...

It is no secret that I prefer pied with full mask in a French Bulldog.

I live at the country, together with my husband , in an abandoned farm, which is renovated up thoug the years. In 2007 the main house was expanded. There where building a cosy room in relation to the kitchen.

Here our dogs have their own beds and all their show trophies. Besides this, they have an outdoor area especially for them.
Furthermore, every morning I take them out on the land for fun and exercise.

The " farm " seen from the field an early morning on the walk with the dogs.
The house from the land